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Deep Insight

AI doesn't have to be that hard.

Deep Insight is an enterprise-ready AI platform that empowers organisations to deploy AI faster and more efficiently, without the need for AI expertise.


Cutting-Edge AI for All.

Our mission at Docstack is to make state-of-the-art AI accessible to every business.

To solve real-world problems, AI models need to be trained on huge volumes of good quality data. Massive datasets of text, images and videos are collected, reviewed, and used to train deep learning models on powerful hardware to be able to perform reasonably well.


Once AI models are deployed into production, they need to be maintained, monitored, and continuously retrained with updated data. This is an expensive process, and while large companies that can stomach the cost will often employ a team of skilled data scientists, most organisations cannot afford it.

Deep Insight is an affordable platform that makes it possible for organisations of all sizes to train, deploy and maintain powerful AI models with no expertise and at a fraction of the cost.


Computer Vision


Predictive Analytics 


AI Model Hub


Anomaly Detection


Auto Machine Learning


Conversational AI


Natural Language (NLP)


Machine Translation


Speech Processing


Knowledge Graphs

Intuitive & powerful

Easy to Use

A simple user interface that guides you through the process of creating, training and managing your AI models.  

Fully Automated

Auto-ML automates the tasks normally performed by data scientists such as data collection from your existing systems, analysis for bias and imbalance, feature engineering, training multiple AI models with different algorithms and selecting the best performing ones, and finally auto-provisioning and monitoring of AI endpoints to serve models so they can be used in production.   

Pre-Trained Models

Deep Insight Model Hub provides access to more than a hundred AI models so you don't have to train from scratch. Some of these models are trained and updated by Docstack with millions of real business documents and images donated by our clients and relevant to many industries such as Legal, Finance, Energy, Government, Retail, Human Resources and more.

Simply pick a model that's relevant to your industry and the task that you would like to automate and fine tune it with your own data to achieve state-of-the-art results. 


Delivering Real Value

Experiment Faster with AI

Deep Insight allows you to address pain points within your organisation by rapidly experimenting with different AI use cases, gaining valuable understanding on how to deliver business value and making AI a success on a sustainable basis.   

Optimise Business Processes 

Supercharge your business processes by harnessing the power of AI and automation for increased productivity, improved customer service and quick return on investment. 

Make Better Decisions

Gain better insight into all data collected inside and outside your organisation to identify trends, find hidden relationships, flag potential issues and guide your choices for the best outcomes.

Enhance Products & Services

Enhance your products and services by providing personalised experiences to your customers, employees and partners, meeting their individual expectations and keeping them engaged with smart and targeted interactions. 

Disrupt, Transform & Rebuild 

AI-Driven competitive advantage isn't the future.

It's Now.

Deep Insight is not just an enabling platform, but a transformative one that gives you a competitive advantage by significantly improving performance, customer experience, value generation, and cost efficiency.

Compliant & Ethical AI

Data Protection

Deep Insight makes sure your AI systems are secure and compliant with data protection regulations such as GDPR.


This is achieved by automatically detecting personal information and applying the relevant compliance controls such as seeking consent, respecting retention schedules, anonymising data and ensuring no re-identification of data subjects may occur.

Ethical & Fair

Unfortunately AI can be as biased as humans, since it is trained on data produced by people, which may contain stereotypes, subjective interpretations, false assumptions and human decisions that reflect inequities between groups.

Docstack aims to increase organisations awareness of the risk of discrimination and sociological unfairness in AI models predictions.


Deep Insight provides the ability to auto-mitigate bias in both training data and the resulting AI models by using over 70 fairness metrics and 10 state-of-the-art bias mitigation algorithms developed by the AI research community. 

Explainable & Interpretable

Docstack provides visibility and knowledge on how AI models created by Deep Insight make decisions. Some models are easier to understand, while others such as deep neural networks sacrifice explainability for performance and accuracy.

However, even with the most complex AI models, Deep Insight provides a traceability mechanism that enables humans to get into AI decisions loops and have the ability to stop or control tasks whenever need arises.

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