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AI Document Understanding.

Docstack AI powered solution reads and understands documents, emails and images helping you extract value and automate processes.


The AI revolution.

Docstack AI Document Understanding brings enterprise AI within reach of every organisation without requiring AI expertise, expensive compute resources or huge training datasets. All it takes is the deployment of a few AI services (on-premises or in the cloud) that can read, understand, and process your documents using industry leading computer vision, natural language, and pre-trained AI models.


Reads & sees like a human.

Docstack AI Document Understanding takes advantage of the latest advances in Deep Learning by using specialised neural networks architectures for training powerful AI models on huge volumes of data relevant to many industries.

As a result, Docstack AI Document Understanding has a Deep Language Model that allows it to read documents, paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence and truly understand the meaning of text in context, paying attention to the most important words.


+ High Accuracy OCR

+ Handwriting Recognition

+ Face Recognition 

+ Object Recognition


+ Ingest Documents from Anywhere

+ Process Mailboxes

+ Scanning & Capture 

Pre-trained to understand your documents & emails.

Docstack AI Document Understanding Models are trained on a wide range of tasks such as document classification, summarisation, translation, Q&A, image processing and more, achieving state-of-art-results out of the box, as they are trained on clean, real-life business data. They can also be easily fine tuned on your own data for higher  accuracy.

+ Over 70 Languages

+ Pre-trained AI Models

+ Document Auto Classification


+ Document Clustering 

+ Document Translation

+ Named Entity Recognition & Extraction (NER)

+ Sentiment Analysis

+ Metadata Enrichment

+ Image, Video & Speech Processing


A smarter & easier way to automate your processes.

Docstack AI Document Understanding can handle entire document workflows and processes without the need for humans to step in, helping you reduce time spent on manual tasks, mitigate risk & errors and increase operational efficiency. 


Can classify, summarise & translate faster than you can.

Classify, tag and file a new document or email. Process a new invoice. Translate a manual. Summarise an article. Docstack AI Document Understanding can do it all without you ever having to lift a finger. It can also anticipate what tasks you might need to automate to help you with your daily work. 

+ Document & Email Auto Classification 

+ Machine Translation

+ Abstractive & Extractive Summarisation 

Answers your questions.
Just ask.

Quickly check facts and find information buried in your documents. It's as simple as asking. Docstack AI Document Understanding works behind the scenes like a personal assistant, which means you can ask it all sorts of questions and get the relevant answers right away. 

+ Q&A Bots

+ Customer Service Bots

+ Semantic Search

+ User Intention Detection


Suggests the most relevant documents.  

Docstack AI Document Understanding can learn from your activities such as the documents and emails that you create & read, the projects that you work on and the customers that you collaborate with. This allows it to build a complete profile about your work and interests so that it can suggest relevant content, events and other information just when you need them.

+ Document Similarity 

+ Predictive Analytics 

+ Knowledge Graphs

+ Anomaly Detection

Generates human-like text &  authors documents for you

With its powerful natural language generation (NLG) feature, Docstack AI Document Understanding can generate high quality human-like text in multiple formats, while requiring only a small amount of input text. 

It can write articles mimicking your writing style and can produce a wide range of documents such as legal contracts, letters, invoices, proposals and more.


Vibrant Ecosystem.

Docstack AI Document Understanding can be deployed on your own servers or on Docstack Cloud. It integrates with more than 200 popular platforms, from cloud services and social media to enterprise systems, authentication providers, GIS and APIs, allowing you to connect with the systems and tool you already use, and automate a wide range of processes.

See how customers are using AI Document Understanding.

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Process invoices faster.

Recognises different types of invoices and extracts key information such as supplier, customer, dates, amounts, products, quantities and order numbers.


Automates AP tasks such as posting invoices to your accounting system or sending them to a manager for approval.

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Process legal cases more efficiently.

Helps litigators with due diligence by using intelligent legal bots that can analyse huge volumes of data and automatically uncover background information, perform legal research and automate eDiscovery.

Classifies legal cases, extracts facts of case and other key information, finds similar cases, calculates case merits, matches with the most suitable lawyer based on their profile, skills, and history.


Forecasts litigation outcomes.

Identifies trends in data from past case law, win & loss rates and judges history.

Automates the drafting and review of contracts and other legal documents ensuring compliance to company standards.

Provides IP insights by analysing large IP portfolios.


Auto-file documents & emails.

Automatically classifies documents, forms, emails & images and files them into your ECM system with metadata extracted from their content. 

Learns how to classify and which metadata to apply using your own data and feedback.


Ensure compliance with GDPR.

Automatically detects and secures personal information found in documents, emails & images and classifies it. E.g. Identity documents such as passports, driving licences, IDs…etc. credit card information, HR documents, medical records, CVs and more.

Automates the review and disposition of personal information according to predefined retention schedules.

Identifies all personal information related to a data subject stored in your repositories.

Prevents data breaches by detecting and flagging unusual activities.


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Automate contract management.

Identifies contract types, extracts key data, identifies signatures and clarifies the content of contracts using Q&A bots.

Records and standardises provisions in your company contracts and in those that vendors send, flagging instances of noncompliance and ensuring unfavourable provisions are dealt with promptly.

Assesses risks in contracts by identifying clauses that are sub-optimal, reducing the risk of human error in contract drafting and review.

Automates the drafting and review of contracts, ensuring favourable clauses are included.


Automate vendor management.

Automates vendor management from discovery, on-boarding to qualification and tracking. 

Offers quick, differentiating insights between vendor profiles and proposals.

Provides real-time vendor performance insight and alerts to risks and issues that need attention.

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Automate customer service.

Reads and processes service tickets, identifying the customer, extracting key information such as type of issue, user intention and urgency while matching it with the best resolution.

Automates a wide range of resolutions such as responding to customers with the requested information found in a knowledge base or an internal system, processing self-service requests (E.g. an application for a certificate or a renewal), requesting additional information from the customer or routing issues to the relevant team.

Increases the performance of automated customer services by training multiple bots, each bot can specialise in a particular task such as information retrieval, booking management, renewal management, access requests and more.  

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Consolidate data across platforms.

Automatically consolidates documents and data across multiple geographically dispersed repositories and data sources such as ECM, DMS, ERP and CRM.

Provides a comprehensive platform that empowers strategic and operational decision making.

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AI Built for People.

Contact us today and learn how Docstack AI Document Understanding can revolutionise the way your organisation works. 

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