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Digital Experience Platform.

Docstack Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a powerful, intelligent & super-smooth platform that provides your customers & users with a personalised digital experience across multiple channels & devices and through out their entire digital journey.     

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Intranets & Extranets 

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Knowledge Bases

& Corporate Wikis

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Customer Portals

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Document Exchange Portals

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Social Media

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Self-Service Portals

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Partner Portals

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Service Desk Portals

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Personalised experience on any device, anywhere.

Docstack DXP makes it easy to create and deliver highly relevant & personalised experiences to your customers across all devices and at every point in their digital journey. 

Delivering hyper-connected experiences that are unique to each customer, means you can better engage and support your customers, making sure they get what they need and stay loyal to your brand.


Intelligent customer journey insights.

Docstack DXP takes advantage of Docstack's powerful AI & Analytics platform to provide valuable insights into customer interactions on all devices and across all channels.


It builds robust customer profiles and uncovers patterns & trends into customer behaviours by analysing data from customer activities, while combining it with data it collects from your line of business applications.

You can now easily identify and segment your customers, meeting their individual expectations and keeping them engaged with smart and targeted interactions.  


Powerful & glorious.

Docstack DXP was created to power all sorts of collaboration portals and customer facing platforms. It thrives on the latest UX and web frameworks, making it easy to deploy & maintain.


Live, responsive and incredibly smooth, it's simply a joy to use.  

+ Assemble web interfaces quickly

+ Scale up to billions of users

+ Real-time customer analytics

+ Embedded AI

+ Integrate with your existing apps

Engaging & delightful.

Docstack DXP provides pixel perfect designs and intuitive user experiences that focus on user engagement & emotional attachment, delighting your users and allowing your brand to shine.

+ Responsive, pixel perfect designs

+ Mobile ready

+ 1000s ready components 


Vibrant Ecosystem

Docstack DXP can be deployed on your own servers or on Docstack Cloud. It integrates with more than 200 popular platforms, from cloud services and social media to enterprise systems, authentication providers, GIS and APIs, allowing you to connect with the systems and tools you already use, and automate a wide range of processes.

Sophisticated, yet easy to use. 

No bloat, no gimmicks, just all the tools you need to provide exceptional experiences to your users. 

Docstack DXP is a sophisticated AI powered platform packed with a ton of cool features, yet it remains simple, clean and incredibly easy to use.

Docstack DXP Features:

+ Identity Management

+ Data Protection 

+ Control Centre

+ Content Management

+ Search

+ Collaboration & Social

+ Forms, eSignature & Automation

+ Payment Gateways

+ AI & Analytics

+ Integrations



Built for you.

Contact us today and learn how Docstack DXP can transform the way you engage and do business with your customers, employees and partners. 

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