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Capture & RPA

Docstack Capture & RPA is an AI driven platform that automates the capture, recognition and processing of any content from anywhere including scanners, mobile devices, folders, emails, forms, websites and 3rd party applications.  


Streamline your processes, improve efficiencies & cut costs.

Streamline your business processes in just 6 weeks, cut costs by more than 50% and save your employees 1000s+ of hours of manual work.


Distributed Capture & Recognition


AI Powered Hyper Automation 


Rich Enterprise Integration


Capture any content from anywhere.

Automatically capture any content whether paper or digital from any source including:

  • Scanners

  • Mobile devices

  • Documents, images, emails & faxes

  • Folders and network shares

  • PDF Forms

  • Web Forms

  • Websites (Web scraping)

  • 3rd party applications - see list of connectors → 

Use state-of-the-art recognition.

Traditional OCR solutions require the creation of rules and templates to be able to recognise the necessary data. This process is time consuming as each individual rule has to be manually created. It can also generate many errors if it encounters a new format for which no rule exists, leading to inaccuracies and additional manual work.

Docstack Capture & RPA uses the most advanced deep learning AI models that are trained to recognise and extract data from a wide range of content such as invoices, application forms, contracts, web pages and more. These models can be fine tuned further on your own data to achieve higher levels of accuracy. 

In addition to OCR, ICR, IDR and document auto-classification,  Docstack Capture & RPA also provides OMR, MRZ, bar code recognition and handwritten signature detection & recognition. 


Automate faster with

pre-trained bots.

Docstack Capture & RPA provides access to many bots that are pre-trained with millions of real business documents and data donated by our clients and relevant to many industries, so you don't have to start from scratch . 

Each bot specialises in a particular workflow such as:

  • Invoice Processing (Accounts Payable) 

  • Application Processing e.g. loan, claim, certification & more

  • Account Management

  • On-boarding

  • Auditing

  • Recruitment (HR) 

  • Fraud Detection & Prevention

  • Know You Customer (KYC)

  • Social Media Monitoring

  • Customer Support Requests

Provide seamless

human-bot collaboration.

Intelligent bots can fully automate your processes end to end, from capture to classification and extraction to execution and application integration. However they "know" their limitations and will proactively ask for your guidance when they encounter issues.

Our bots are equipped with advanced natural language processing and intention detection, this allows them to communicate with you by email & chat.

Docstack bots can automatically resolve a wide range of issues such as duplication, missing metadata, typos and misspelling in captured data. They can also learn from your feedback on how to handle exceptions.



Integrate with 200+ popular platforms. 

Enhance your business processes and system automation by integrating with more than 200 popular platforms, from cloud services and social media to enterprise systems and APIs, allowing you to connect with the systems and tool you already use.

Start automating today.

Docstack solutions deliver significant benefits, and allow organisations to improve the speed and quality of business operations, optimise decision making and service provision and increase the agility of the organisation as a whole.

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