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Docstack Insight is an advanced analytics and data visualisation platform that turns complex data into actionable insight.


Turn complex data into Actionable Insights.

It is key for your organisation to understand how well it is currently performing and how that compares with past performances.  However, in many cases, it is not possible for any one employee to manually collect and comprehend the enormous amounts of data.

Docstack Insight is a framework that leverages data from various sources to provide decision makers with consolidated, summarised, relevant and up-to-date information, allowing your organisation to react in real-time to patterns of activities and events. 


Create stunning dashboards.

Easily create powerful dashboards and visualise your data in minutes with our drag and drop report builder. 

Share dashboards with your employees, customers and partners securely using web links or embed them into your existing applications. 

Collect data from multiple sources in real-time.

Collect and aggregate data from a wide range of data sources, cloud services, logs, device sensors (IoT) and enterprise applications such as document management systems, customer relationship management, accounting systems and more.

Insight can monitor thousands of systems and devices simultaneously, allowing you to perform real-time analysis, apply machine learning or get notified on key events.


Perform advanced data analysis.

Dive deep into your data to gain insights, identify trends, optimise processes and make better decisions using Insight's advanced analytics features such as Machine Learning, Data Mining, Behaviour Analysis, Event Analysis, Relationship Extraction, Geo-spatial Analysis and more.    

Integrate with 200+ popular platforms. 

Enhance your business processes and system automation by integrating with more than 200 popular platforms, from cloud services and social media to enterprise systems and APIs, allowing you to connect with the systems and tool you already use.


Your analytics & reporting requirements, met.

From real-time data collection from your existing systems to advanced analysis and visualisation, we've got you covered.

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