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Docstack Records Management

Manage the full lifecycle of physical and electronic records within your ECM platform according to RM frameworks such as DoD 5015, MoReq and VERS.

Manage your Records with Confidence. 

Docstack provides a records management framework for ECM platforms such as M-Files, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Exchange, equipping your organisation with a centralised repository for managing the entire lifecycle of both physical and electronic records, according to records management standards such as DoD 5015.2 (US Department of Defense Standard), MoReq (Modular Requirements For Records Systems) and VERS (Victorian Electronic Records Management).


RM Classifications

Provide the ability to easily capture, identify and organise records into a taxonomy of classifications.

RM Processes


Provide standard RM processes such as retention schedules, disposition processing, hold management, archival & intelligent storage, eDiscovery searches, audits, reporting and dashboards.

Physical Records


Manage physical records such as paper, boxes, DVDs, and CDs; and perform tasks such as circulating, creating label, boxing and managing site and warehouse space.

Records Security


Restrict access to content based on security levels such as Top Secret,  Secret and Confidential as well as Supplemental Markings.

Meet records management regulatory compliance

Contact us today to find out how Docstack can help you streamline your compliance processes.

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