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Sync Centre

Docstack's data integration, synchronisation and migration platform designed to extract, understand and deliver information across multiple systems both in the cloud & on-prem.

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Accelerate Integration & Migration Processes

Docstack Sync Centre is a new generation of AI-powered integration, synchronisation and migration platforms designed to extract, understand, transform and deliver information across multiple systems and data sources.

With over 200 native connectors as well as support for custom APIs, web services, device sensors (IoT) and log files, Sync Centre provides your organisation with a universal information access and migration from any source to any destination both in the cloud and on-premises.

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Discover, monitor & automate.

Sync Centre connects to your repositories in real-time and discovers their content automatically. It can understand the nature of your data, extracting meaning, relationships and patterns that can help automate the most complex data mapping, transformation and cleansing operations when moving data between systems. 

Sync Centre is highly flexible and can be trained using your existing data to increase the accuracy of automation rules.

It can perform a full data profiling and suggest cleansing rules by identifying:

  • Duplicate files and data points even when they have been renamed.

  • Similar files and file versions.

  • Corrupted, Zero-Bytes, low value and non-content files.

  • Unused files that haven’t been accessed or modified for a period of time.

Integrate, migrate & protect.

Data flows between repositories can be scheduled to run as part of your integration, synchronisation, migration or backup processes . They can be configured to run continuously to monitor source repositories, and copy or migrate any newly created content to the target repositories on a scheduled basis or as a result of predefined events.

Sync Centre protects the integrity of your data by implementing a robust versioning mechanisms, making sure any inconsistencies in data flows are handled correctly.    

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Driverless integration & migration 

Sync Centre can use intelligent bots to automate the entire data synchronisation or migration process between repositories from auto-discovery and data cleansing to data mapping and data flow execution.

A data flow simulation is initially performed and the results reviewed by administrators, their feedback is then used in the next iterations to teach the system the best way of adjusting its processes for improved results.

Fault tolerance, auditing & reporting. 

Sync Centre applies a robust exception handling mechanism to cope with all kinds of data flows failures such as invalid input data, incorrect formats, duplicate or missing data and network connectivity failures.

Administrators can produce pre and post data flow audit reports about the content to be processed including content statistics such as count, size, file types, data profiles, cleansing reports showing list of duplicates, low value, zero bytes, unused & uncommon files and more.


Administrators can also monitor the status of data flows in real time using actionable dashboards and get notified on important events.


Flexible & Scalable

Sync Centre is a flexible platform that can be deployed anywhere on-prem, in the cloud or in hybrid mode. It's also highly scalable with the ability to process petabytes of data from thousands of repositories and devices simultaneously. 

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