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Email Manager

A complete email management, archiving and automation solution that integrates with many ECM platforms such as M-Files, OpenText, Microsoft SharePoint and more.

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Control the growth, cost and risk of Corporate Email.

Docstack Email Manager is an email management, archiving and automation suite for organisations that want to maximise the value of business content captured in emails, reduce IT cost and meet regulatory requirements.

It provides a collection of user friendly applications that automate the management and archiving of emails and email campaigns, enhancing the user experience in MS Outlook, making sure users can easily file and retrieve ECM content from a wide range of platforms such as M-Files, SharePoint, OpenText and more directly within MS Outlook.


A Better Way of Managing Emails.

Email Manager is packed with many cool features designed to delight users with visual and easy experiences, improve productivity through automation, reduce IT costs of managing emails and increase your company’s compliance status.


Seamless Integration with MS Outlook.

Email Manager exposes native ECM and DMS graphical user interfaces such as SharePoint, OpenText, M-Files and more within Outlook. It allows users to create existing ECM views, folders and libraries as Outlook folders, with the ability to drag and drop emails and attachments for quick filing into your ECM solution.


The complete ECM functionality is provided within Outlook so that users do not need to leave Outlook to work on content stored in their ECM .


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Automatic Email Monitoring and Filing.

Automatic email monitoring and filing provides time-saving and efficient filing of emails & attachments into your ECM solution or a Docstack Email Archive.

Email Manager can monitor mail servers, mailboxes or specific outlook folders and automatically save their content with the correct metadata according to pre-defined rules.


Intelligent analysis of email subject and body can also be used to automate the filing of emails, by using email fields, specific key words and subject formats.


Calendar and Contacts Synchronisation.

Email Manager allows users to synchronise their Outlook contacts with contacts stored in ECM platforms. Calendar synchronisation automatically creates ECM tasks such M-Files or SharePoint assignments and workflow tasks into the user’s Outlook calendar.



AI Powered Automation.

Email Manager integrates with AI Document Understanding to provide powerful AI automation such as email & attachment auto-classification and filing, summarisation, translation, intelligent email routing and customer service automation.   


Powerful Email Campaigns. 

Email Manager provides the ability to create highly engaging email campaigns using responsive email templates that can be easily customised. 

Email Manager's advanced segmentation means you can target different groups of contacts using tailored messages, with the ability to track your campaign progress in real time.    



Email Archiving for Compliance.

Email Manager can automatically detect personal information contained in emails & attachments and process it securely according to data protection regulations such as Public Records Act, Data Protection Act, GDPR and the Freedom of Information Act.


Your email management requirements, met.

From integrating with your existing ECM platform to managing and securing large volumes of emails, we've got your requirements covered. 

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