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Email Manager for M-Files.

The most complete email management, archiving & automation solution for M-Files.


The only solution that embeds M-Files native UI in Outlook.

Everything you need right within Outlook: M-Files Dynamic Views as Outlook Folders, Create, Save, Edit, Preview & Search M-Files.


Automatically files the relevant emails & attachments into M-Files.

Monitors your emails, attachments & conversations on all of your devices, and auto-files the relevant content into M-Files according to pre-defined rules.


Sync your calendar, tasks & contacts.

Two-ways synchronisation of calendar events, meetings, tasks, assignments, dates and contacts between M-Files and Outlook.


More Powerful Tasks.

Docstack Email Manager is packed with many cool features designed to delight users with visual and easy experiences, improve productivity through intelligent automation, reduce IT cost of email management and increase compliance with data regulations.

AI driven email automation

Automatic email monitoring & filing

Attachments filing


Calendar & contacts sync

Conversation filing

Email & attachments deduplication

Email archiving

Email campaigns management

Email marking

Email migration

GDPR compliance

Mobile support

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