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Data Protection Framework

Manage personal information (PII) securely within your organisation, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR and DPA.

Mitigate Risks of Non-Compliance with Automated Policy Enforcement.

Docstack Data Protection Framework provides an integrated end to end solution for managing the lifecycle of personal data stored within ECM applications and other repositories, embedding GDPR and DPA principles with functionality mapped to specific compliance use cases.

It helps organisations standardise data protection polices and streamline GDPR and DPA compliance processes, realising significant efficiency improvements and minimising the risk of compliance issues. 


Implement Adequate Compliance Processes

Prove to auditors, regulators and courts that adequate compliance mechanisms are in place.

Manage Personal Data (PII) with Confidence

Provide an end to end solution for managing the full lifecycle of personal data across all repositories and according to GDPR and DPA principles. 

Prevent Data Breaches


Prevent and detect data breaches early and respond in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Manage Data Subject Requests


Meet your GDPR and DPA obligations by simplify the management of data subject requests.

Manage Data Retention Schedules


Use analytics to automatically detect personal data and manage its retention in a transparent manner. 

Your GDPR & DPA compliance requirements, met

Our data protection consultants can help you set up a GDPR or DPA program to understand the impact of these regulations on your organisation and formulate a road-map for compliance.

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