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Docstack Content Services

Manage, secure and share any type of digital content from anywhere.

Expand the range of what your ECM platform can do.

Today, the amount and complexity of information within organisations are growing exponentially. A typical organisation has many specialised applications, each application might store information to support a particular aspect of business such as billing, distribution of goods and services, management of employee data and many more.

As the organisation grows over time, these applications become islands of duplicated, inconsistent and unmanaged information, this affects the efficiency of an organisation and its ability to operate in a cost-effective, flexible, compliant and coherent unit.

Docstack Content Services help organisations build efficient and agile data management operations with capabilities for information creation, capture, distribution and consumption, in order to provide and preserve information as business asset that remains secure, easily accessible, accurate and timely.

Extend the power of your enterprise systems with Content Services.


Email Manager

A complete email management, archiving and automation solution that integrates with a wide range of ECM platforms and document management systems .


Sync Centre

Docstack's next generation data integration, synchronisation and migration platform designed to extract, understand and deliver information from any source to any target.  


Capture & RPA

AI driven platform that automates the capture, recognition and processing of any content from anywhere including scanners, mobile devices, folders, email, fax and 3rd party applications.


Solutions for Sage

Docstack Solutions for Sage provide a seamless integration and automation for Sage products including Sage accounting, financials, payroll and business management.

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Docstack Connectors

All Docstack products integrate seamlessly with more than 200 platforms, from cloud services and social media to enterprise systems, device sensors (IoT) and APIs.

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