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AI for Document Understanding

and Data Analytics.

Docstack empowers organisations with the most advanced AI capabilities to solve business challenges.

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A unified ecosystem for intelligent  information management.

Docstack's unified ecosystem allows organisations to handle any information management use cases in any industry, both on-premise & in the cloud. 

Teaching AI to understand your business.


Unlock Knowledge

Knock down silos and unlock knowledge hidden in documents and data using Deep Learning, Semantic Search, Smart Q&A, Knowledge Graphs and more.


Gain Insight

Collect data from your existing systems and transform it into actionable insights with Predictive Analytics.

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Automate Faster

Deploy Smart Bots that can automate a wide range of processes such as Document Classification, Summarisation, Entity Extraction, Capture, RPA and more.    


Drive Value

Reduce operational costs and achieve rapid ROI with Docstack's affordable, user friendly and AI driven platform.

Deep Insight.

Powered by the latest advances in machine learning,

Deep Insight is the state-of-the-art AI platform that augments your existing systems  and data sources with powerful AI data understanding and automation.

Enterprise Ready AI

Ready solution with powerful and affordable AI.

Simplify deployments with AutoML

Easily deploy high quality machine learning models with no expertise needed.

Train faster with transfer learning

Reduce training time from months to days with pre-trained models specific to your industry.

Process any data from anywhere

Extract data from any system regardless of its format. See list of connectors → 

Open, flexible and scalable

Adaptable solution capable of processing huge volumes of data.


Digital Experience DXP.

Docstack Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a powerful & intelligent solution that provides your customers & users with a personalised digital experience across multiple channels through out their entire digital journey.

Explore Docstack Intelligent Solutions.

Tailored for your industry.

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